• Guangzhou Q&S Audio Co.,Ltd teaches you a few tips for adjusting sound
    Post time: Feb-25-2021

    The human ear is more sensitive to sound quality and can determine whether the sound is real. The sound quality has to be said to be the key at the level of tuning. If the sound quality is not solved well, it will cause the sound to be simple, boring, and even cause serious distortion of traditio...Read more »

  • good luck
    Post time: Feb-23-2021

    Read more »

  • Spring Festival Holiday
    Post time: Feb-05-2021

    Dear Customer, It is kindly informed that our company is scheduled for the Chinese New Year, and the holidays are from 5th Feb., to 24th Feb., 2021. We will be back to work on 25th Feb., 2021. Although we will be accepting orders during this time, all deliveries and inquiries will be on hold unti...Read more »

  • The impact of resolution on audio quality is so great!
    Post time: Feb-05-2021

    The degree of speaker’s expression of music details determines the speaker’s resolution. A box with high resolution can contain a huge amount of music information, especially music background information. So that people can not hear more music details, harmonic aftertaste and multi-an...Read more »

  • 13 laws and effects in sound tuning technology!
    Post time: Feb-02-2021

    1. Subjective perception in the frequency domain The important subjective feeling in the frequency domain is pitch. Like loudness, pitch is also a subjective psychological quantity of hearing, which is the attribute of hearing to judge the level of sound. The difference between pitch in psycholog...Read more »

  • How to choose a reliable smart home system?
    Post time: Jan-25-2021

    Owning a smart home is the dream of every young person, because smart home can bring more convenience and safety to life and improve the quality of life. So, how to choose a reliable smart home system? Let HDL summarize the following points for you: 1. Practicality   Smart homes are expensiv...Read more »

  • They are all talking about “distributed systems”. Do you know what problems are solved by several common technologies?
    Post time: Jan-21-2021

    In distributed systems, frequently encountered technical terms usually include multiple copies, data partitions, consensus algorithms, transactions, etc. These technologies are very important in the design of distributed systems. Discuss the reliability, scalability and maintainability of the sys...Read more »

  • How to improve speech clarity in speech?
    Post time: Jan-18-2021

    We often talk about the sound quality enhancement effect in music, but for audio processing systems, sound quality enhancement during speech is also one of its main functions. However, it is not enough to increase the volume of the speaker. Maintaining the clarity of the sound is also a very impo...Read more »

  • The louder the volume, the more detailed music you hear?
    Post time: Jan-15-2021

    Recently, someone raised an interesting question on the Internet: Do you have an illusion that if the sound is very small, it feels like a good headset is no different from a normal headset? And the same song, played with the same equipment, can the loud volume really restore more “details&...Read more »

  • The “Two-Seven-Four Principles” of Gymnasium Sound System Design
    Post time: Jan-11-2021

    At present, most small and medium-sized gymnasiums are considered for multi-functional use. In addition to meeting the functional requirements of various future sports competitions and trainings, all kinds of theatrical performances must also be taken into account. Therefore, the design of the so...Read more »

  • How to design the acoustic scheme of small and medium stadiums?
    Post time: Jan-08-2021

    To a certain extent, sports is a product of social and economic development and an increase in people’s life needs. With the strengthening of my country’s national strength and the continuous improvement of people’s material and cultural living standards, many cities in China ar...Read more »

  • What factors need to be measured when choosing professional audio equipment?
    Post time: Jan-05-2021

    The audio equipment in the antiques of conferences and events provides better communication and a relative atmosphere of the event, and the application of professional audio equipment ensures a better actual effect of the event and the completion of the professional meeting process. The applicati...Read more »

  • Speaker noise (bottom noise) from where, how to eliminate?
    Post time: Dec-31-2020

    Definition of Noise There are many types of noise, with different causes and manifestations. Therefore, it is necessary to classify the noise. The following is the classification of the noise commonly seen in several audio equipment, as well as the simple description of its causes and solutions. ...Read more »

  • How do you protect yourself from being hurt when listening to music with a professional sound system?
    Post time: Dec-28-2020

    When listening to music with a set of professional audio equipment can let songs to listen to feel the brand promoting, with the user more and more of professional audio equipment, of course, a lot of people must learn how to protect the professional audio equipment, protection of professional au...Read more »

  • Matters needing attention during the installation of professional audio equipment
    Post time: Dec-21-2020

    Professional audio equipment in today is already very extensive, a good set of conference professional audio equipment in the conference hall, multi-functional conference room, multi-function hall and so on to give full play to the key effect, so, professional audio equipment in the installation ...Read more »

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