The importance of the power component in the sound system

The power supply is the cornerstone of the sound system.
All kinds of circuits of the system, in the final analysis, are power modulators, the original signal for a variety of transformation processing output.
It’s all powered by electricity.
The quality of power supply directly determines the final performance level of the whole system.
In the enthusiast’s actual combat, the importance of power source has been more and more people know, power source part in the whole system in the status and cost is also increasing.
But how different are power sources?

IP System Diagram

The sound system

In the power amplifier, due to its high power and large dynamic characteristics, a simple linear power supply is usually adopted, that is, the power supply circuit is used after a power frequency transformer and a simple rectifying and filtering circuit.
Only high requirements of the occasion before the voltage amplifier stage for voltage stabilizing power supply, some circuits will even push the level of voltage stabilizing power supply, but the final stage using voltage stabilizing power supply is extremely rare, only in individual HI-end level equipment and single-end a class offense and defense.

Professional sound system

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to switching power supply, which echoes with Class D power amplifier and is called the ideal power supply for future power amplifier.
But how well do switching power supplies work?
This is still a question in many people’s minds.
Practice has proved that ordinary industrial switching power supply is not suitable for direct use of the audio, because the design needs and audio far from the low working frequency, its performance is unsatisfactory.


Now, in many sound systems, the power timing device is used. It is the main power switch for all kinds of sound equipment throughout the system, so the power timing device should be chosen carefully.


Post time: Dec-15-2020
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