CM-6300Y Interpreter Unit

Short Description:

  • 6CH simultaneous interpretation.
  • IR Transmitter unit could connect 5 interpreter’s units.
  • Voice adjustable and with prevention on feedback
  • Ensure that every channel is correspondent to the RELAY function respectively.
  • Delegates speak too fast; give a request for slow the speed.
  • Automatic numbering on system units
  • Prevention on interpreter’s cough
  • LCD can display input and output channel
  • Interpreter support 13P and 25P connection

Product Detail

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  1. Microphone indicator
  2. Unidirectional electret MIC
  3. Microphone LCD
  4. MIC. 3.5mm input jack
  5. Phone 3.5mm input jack
  6. Inner speaker
  7. Microphone input channel (fast key channel 0-4)
  8. Slow key: Delegates/Interpreter speak too fast; give a request for slow the speed.
  9. Microphone on/off key
  10. 10.Microphone output channel (fast key channel 1-5)
  11. Mute key: Prevention on interpreter's cough
  12. 12.Channel busy/mute indicator
  13. 13.Volume -: Decrease the input volume
  14. 14.Volume +: Increase the input volume
  15. Output channel –
  16. 16.Output channel +
  17. 17.Input put channel –
  18. 18.Input channel +
  19. Input DB25 connector: first unit connect to the main unit, and the next unit connect the previous unit output port.
  20. 13P connector, use for connect 13P interpretation system
  21. 21.Output DB25 connector: connect the next interpreter’s unit.

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