CM-8500 C/D Infrared Conference System Microphone

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  1. Electric capacity type microphone, equipped with windshield cover
  2. LCD color red/blue (option)
  3. LCD display microphone ID, signal level, battery level, microphone state, control channel, etc
  4. Equipped with microphone on/off key and indicator
  5. Equipped with 5 function keys to set microphone id, control channel, LCD contrast and light time
  6. Auto-Close: Microphone will turn off automatically if there is no action of this microphone in 99 seconds. (option)
  7. Microphone will shut off the power in 60 seconds to save battery power if system communication is error
  8. LCD will display “IR Signal Weak” if the IR signal is weak when microphone working

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1)    Annular red indicator lamp to show the microphone state.

2)    Unidirectional electret MIC

3)    LCD

4)    IR sensor

5)    Menu/Back key: Press this key to enter menu setting or back after setting

6)    Left key

7)    Right key

8)    MIC ON/OFF key

9)    Chairman Priority

10)  Up key

11)  Down key

12)  Microphone power switch

13)  DC power input

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