Audio technology pay attention to these points_help outdoor performance!

For indoor performances such as theater stages, the first requirement is sound art. First of all, we must ensure the quality of the sound, make the ears pleasant, and the sound is beautiful. For theater performances, first of all, there must be sound technology. In order to complete performance tasks, advanced outdoor performances have a higher contrast than indoor performances. There are many specific technical requirements. If you want to ensure the sound effect of the audience performance, you must pay attention to the following points.

01 The sound system has sufficient power reserve

Outdoor open-air sound field requires strong power, because if the high sound field is to increase the sound pressure level of 3db, the power needs to be increased by 10 times, according to the sound pressure level formula dBspl = 20log (p1 / po) = 20log (L1 / L2) = 10lg (P1 / P2), get 10logp2 / p1 = xdb, you can calculate the specific value of the sound field.

02 Select high sensitivity MIC

This can enhance the sound transmission gain of the MIC, so that the auditorium can obtain sufficient loudness. The distance between the MIC and the mixer is usually very long, so it is best to replace the wireless MIC for pickup. If the wind in the air exceeds level 3, you can add a windshield to the MIC. The windshield is made of porous and ventilated special foam plastic, which has little effect on the frequency characteristics, but it will only increase the sensitivity reduction. It can be installed on the mixer. Adjust the GIAN knob to ensure that the sound transmission gain is not reduced. If there is light rain on the stack, it must be executed. Do not place a plastic bag cover on the MIC, because the plastic cover will prevent sound waves from directly acting on the MIC diaphragm, which will seriously damage the frequency characteristics. It is best to install a support umbrella for the MIC to prevent rain. If it rains, you can directly terminate the performance.

03 Hanging speakers

Indoor stage performance speakers should not be placed too low. The sound waves of the subwoofer are easily absorbed by the audience, which makes the sound absorption more obvious, especially in the middle and high frequencies. Therefore, they must be installed by hoisting speakers, mid-range or tweeters, and special indoor speakers (high-power tweeters built into the speakers) so that the sound waves of the speakers radiate a long distance in the speakers. The air enables the auditorium to obtain sufficient loudness.


04Protect the speaker line

Therefore, it is necessary to prevent damage and short-circuit of the speaker circuit from causing malfunctions and damaging the amplifier. Therefore, someone must protect the speaker circuit. The output power of the power amplifier is very small, only a few ohms, but the sound power is large, so the current is relatively large. The line distance should not be too long, and the cut-off area should not be too small, so as not to cause sound power loss. If possible, it can compensate for unnecessary position loss.

05Protect the power cord

The energy of the speaker system comes from the grid circuit. If the power circuit fails, there will be a problem with the audio system. Therefore, the power circuit should be technically guaranteed by a local professional electrician. The entire line from the mixer to the indoor switch or temporary generator car should be protected by special safety personnel.


06 keep in touch

The sound master keeps in touch with the assistants in the auditorium through the walkie-talkie, so that the sound master and apprentices can more accurately and timely master the sound effects of the auditorium, and adjust the brakes in time.


Post time: Nov-18-2020
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