How do you protect yourself from being hurt when listening to music with a professional sound system?

When listening to music with a set of professional audio equipment can let songs to listen to feel the brand promoting, with the user more and more of professional audio equipment, of course, a lot of people must learn how to protect the professional audio equipment, protection of professional audio equipment for beginners is a headache thing, beginners are many pitfalls when protection professional audio equipment, for this kind of error small make up guys interpretation of it.

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The mistake of protecting professional audio equipment — the speaker is stored in the cabinet

A lot of people feel to be able to store equipment of professional acoustics into ark the protection that can be stronger it, decelerate its use period further, this kind of practice is just “good heart does wrong”, professional acoustics equipment is put in ark not only cannot have protective effect, still can bring about to destroy continuously, cause use period to reduce.
Because the gas in the cabinet does not circulate, it is very easy to make the machinery and equipment hot and accelerate the whole process of embrittlement. In addition, the latent vibration in the cabinet will make the sound quality of professional audio equipment cloudy.


Second, the protection of professional audio equipment error – stacking machinery and equipment

There are a lot of people love to lanzhou professional audio equipment to carry out the stack up, and don’t know this kind of machine equipment stacked together can cause they influence each other, thus causing noise sound box is more and more not crunchy, professional audio equipment and professional audio equipment do not can be stacked together, as far as possible is placed in the technical professional speakers on the shelf.


Three, the protection of professional audio equipment error – switching power supply positive and negative pole is not clear

A lot of people think that when connecting professional audio equipment, they just need to connect it without distinguishing between positive and negative poles. This idea is obviously incorrect. The power cord plug that does not distinguish between positive and negative poles will make the sound quality of professional audio equipment not smooth.


Four, protection of professional audio equipment error – professional audio equipment placed too casually

The placement of professional audio equipment is too casual, although it is not likely to jeopardize the service life of professional audio equipment when it will jeopardize the customer experience, try to have a certain practical listening effect in the placement.


Protection of professional audio equipment error – wiring processing method is not correct

Just as the power cord cannot be bundled with the power plug, which will endanger the data signal push of the power cord, the speaker cord and the power cord should not be tied up, which will endanger the sound quality, so the wiring should be effectively solved.

Post time: Dec-28-2020
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