Matters needing attention during the installation of professional audio equipment

Professional audio equipment in today is already very extensive, a good set of conference professional audio equipment in the conference hall, multi-functional conference room, multi-function hall and so on to give full play to the key effect, so, professional audio equipment in the installation process should pay attention to what?


1. Choose the right power cord

Conference room audio equipment should be connected to the carbon balance line.It is not necessary to apply multi-channel unbalanced line as far as possible, in order to prevent the imbalance of sound data signal, affect the sound quality transmission, and after the power line connected to the repeated detection to ensure that it is not easy to apply all the difficult problems.In addition, when connecting power lines, use as short a power line as possible, not only to save cost, but also to reduce route resistors and effects.

2. Common problems with audio output devices connected to switching power supply

Professional audio equipment should have a unique switching power supply to be separated from the optical switching power supply.When the lighting fixture is connected, the bottom pressure switch power supply is generally selected, and the sound is connected with the standard working voltage.Select a special type of switching power supply, as far as possible to have a stable reliable power plug.All in all, it is critical to use suitable cables in the conference room for professional audio equipment.

3. Connection between professional audio equipment and road surface

In order to properly connect the professional audio equipment to a good ground wire, the ground wire connection not only improves the reliability of sound, reduces the influence of information transmission content, but also should pay attention to the heating pipe or the location of the heat.When the switching power supply is in the wire connector, in order to better prevent damage and affect all normal applications, connect according to the wire connector.Reasonable pavement can not only improve the normal application of sound, but also reduce noise damage.


We’re going to share with you a couple of key points that we’re going to think of when we’re putting together a PEAS sound system, and you can call us if you don’t understand any of the areas we’re talking about, so this is a post from the Internet, just for everybody.

Post time: Dec-21-2020
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