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Pro-audio speaker
As a new product of our widely trusted professional speaker series, pro-audio speaker has undergone major upgrades in terms of durability, design, and easy installation, and its sound quality is surprisingly consistent. The pro-audio speaker is designed to provide high-quality performance in background music and speech sound reinforcement applications. It is a perfect combination of performance and value.

Compact Array Speaker

A series compact linear array description: A series is a small volume high sound pressure mini active linear array speaker system, built-in digital power amplifier module and German original imported ALLDSP digital audio processor module, can remotely monitor and adjust system parameters through wireless WIFI computer , The new all-aluminum hanging pendant is designed with an angle of 0-20 degrees, which is very convenient and flexible to use. The high-quality plywood box plus the waterproof and wear-resistant sand paint surface treatment. The British CELESTION speaker manufacturer specially developed the most for the design requirements of the A series Best performance unit, get the most perfect match
The A series provides the possibility of exerting the best performance. This unparalleled genuine system has been widely used in multi-function halls, small and medium-sized mobile performances, theaters, and auditoriums.

Active speaker

The AT series is an active speaker series including two full-range speakers from 8 inches to 15 inches and an 18-inch subwoofer. Built of high-grade birch plywood, its appearance is small, stylish and generous. High-strength cabinet structure design, the sound is transparent and clear, and the sense of space is extremely strong. The digital power amplifier template with a new concept design of mature circuit is the light and compact characteristics of the AT series, which greatly reduces the inconvenience caused by transportation and installation. The design of the rotatable horn makes the hanging installation of the speaker simple and fast. The AT series can be applied to a variety of places according to different requirements, such as private clubs, high-end conference rooms, KTV rooms, bars, multi-function halls, etc.


Line Array Speaker

The Line array speaker series is a multi-purpose commercial and civil integrated speaker system. It adopts a cylindrical structure design. The cabinet is made of aluminum alloy. The polygonal structure greatly reduces mechanical vibration and minimizes cabinet resonance. Line array speaker adopts imported full-range unit, and the clear and delicate sound can be applied freely in both commercial and civil fields. The Line array speaker series cinema decoder adopts the third-generation Dolby and DTS certified and authorized processing chips, allowing you to feel the effect of the cinema at home. It is suitable for high-end sound reinforcement places such as high-end clubs, cinema KTV entertainment clubs, villas, and meeting rooms.

Full-range box Speaker

The Full-range box Speaker series is high-power, and the tweeter driver uses European brand units. The sound characteristics of this series: high sensitivity, soft and clear intermediate frequency, solid and powerful low frequency, complete system. The box body is made of high-quality 13-layer plywood and wear-resistant sand paint surface treatment. The sturdy octagonal aluminum handle is convenient for transportation and can also be used as a box suspension.
For sound system designers, the Full-range box Speaker series is a universal tool, which is widely used in nightclubs, discos, multi-function halls, slow shake bars, bars and various performances.

Post time: Nov-12-2020
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