Professional amplifier and audio equipment matching

There is a fixed number of inputs and outputs from traditional large mixers, so in an electronic music live sound system, a large number of input channels are idle and “wasted”.
In recent years, a large number of popular “modular” field sound amplifying mixer design concept, to solve this problem.
The so-called “modular” field sound amplifying mixer, is the various components of the mixer, according to the function of the module to design


PEAS sound equipment

PEAS sound is very important in the case of retrofits of amplifiers, speakers and the like, but it’s also very much influenced by the position and the layout of the instruments.
This is just like cooking, not only to have good raw materials, but also superb cooking skills, in order to cook delicious dishes.In professional sound system, match about professional power amplifier and professional sound, besides timbre soft collocation (timbre collocation often says the cent of soft hard, it is the design that according to the designer to timbre trend and use makings, and the characteristic that has and individual character), still have the hard collocation on a few technical index.

Soft collocation is the accumulation of experience and personal preferences.


When the vacuum tube power amplifier is matched with the speaker, the output impedance of the amplifier should be equal to the speaker impedance, otherwise the output power will be reduced and the distortion will be increased.
Fortunately, most of the machine has a variable output impedance matching interface, such as 4-8-16 euro, and the impedance matching with the speaker has become more simple.
When the impedance of the speaker is higher than the output impedance of the power amplifier, there is no other effect except that the output power is reduced to different degrees.
When the impedance of the speaker is lower than the output impedance of the power amplifier, the output power will increase proportionately, and the distortion degree will not increase or increase a little bit, which can be ignored.


However, in the case of matching, the impedance of the speaker should not be too low, for example, as low as 2 euro (refers to two 4-euro speakers in parallel). In this case, only the power amplifier with large amount of power affluence and the use of high-power tube with good performance and multi-tube push-pull in parallel should have no influence on such an amplifier.

Post time: Dec-14-2020
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