The impact of resolution on audio quality is so great!

The degree of speaker’s expression of music details determines the speaker’s resolution. A box with high resolution can contain a huge amount of music information, especially music background information. So that people can not hear more music details, harmonic aftertaste and multi-angle, multi-directional, diversified, multi-level music sound field through the theme unit. Listen to the first song “The Forgotten Time” from Taiwan’s Dianjiang album “Folk Song Cai Qin” (DJCD-96108). The first few lines are a cappella singing: “Who is knocking on my window, who is pulling the strings, The forgotten time gradually rose to my mind…” When a good speaker performed this period, although the singing voice was a cappella, the details were never monotonous, during which 3 seconds, 9 seconds, 12 seconds, 17 The breathing sound between the second sentences, the teeth of the opening lips and the reverberation of the vocal tail sound, are so clear as if Cai Qin is singing to you quietly in your ears. High-resolution speakers can even let you hear the subtle sound of the band flipping the sheet music and the player’s footsteps sliding gently on the ground. Don’t think this is bragging. As long as the CD is recorded well and the playback equipment is of high quality, everything is possible.


Let’s look at the split in two. At least on multimedia speakers, most of the products with very clear tooth sound are actually problematic in crossover processing…
A good speaker can faithfully reflect and reproduce the various signal sources recorded on the disc. It can be colorful, or it can be as thin as a tremor in the air. Therefore, before selecting speakers, prepare a CD that has a lot of music information and is familiar to you. For example, Zhu Zheqin’s “Yang Jinma” (film number YT-84) recorded by Taiwan UFO Records is a piece of music with amazing information. Test machine disc. Listening to this disc, you can distinguish the snow breeze of Everest in the background through Zhu Zheqin’s crystal-clear special singing. The Himalayans pushed away the chai, and started the day’s work on the squeaky snow in the early morning. You can even hear a few Sahuan paintings of the Valley of the Wind in northern Tibet very clearly. It is impossible for speakers with poor resolution to provide such a rich musical feast.


Of course, when auditioning the resolution of the speakers, you should be cautious with using particularly explosive signal sources, such as artificial electronic synthesis of the world’s best movie blockbusters, strong shocking heavy metal rock music, percussion, etc. This kind of music can certainly leave a deep impression on people. Frequent, but the huge loudness will cover up many of the inherent deficiencies of the equipment. At the same time, don’t turn on the volume to deafening, because the human ear has strict limits on the loudness of the sound. Once the sound exceeds the limit, the absorption will become dull, even unbearable for a while. There is no way to judge the details of music.

Post time: Feb-05-2021
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