Three points for attention in the sound amplifying system of the meeting place

There are two kinds of sound amplifying system for meeting place, one is multi-function hall sound amplifying system, the other is conference sound amplifying system.Multi-function meeting rooms in meetings, reporting, and other activities, is also a worker places of entertainment and leisure activities, such as singing and dancing, music, drama and so on cultural and artistic performance, requires with high quality sound system, striving to reduction of various sound source as perfect as possible, ensure the smooth progress of all kinds of performances, let the actor and the audience in addition to have beautiful enjoyment on the vision, also can be like on auditory enjoy feeling like sounds of nature, enjoy the wonderful art, it requires the design of amplification system had a higher, more uniform sound field design, want to have good music signal definition and fullness.

Usually according to the size and shape of the venue to configure the main speaker, heavy bass speaker, rewind speaker, auxiliary speaker, sound complement, sound like sound box and other audio processing equipment, power amplifier, tuning equipment.With a couple of wireless handheld and lapel microphones.To this end, three points of attention are proposed:


First of all,This kind of place is not a professional performance hall. Generally, there is no sound design in architecture, so it can only be decorated with soft decoration as far as possible to obtain a better sound field and make electroacoustic meet the requirements.

But there is no soft decoration, such as the trial of the court hall, almost a national court trial small in 200-300 square meters, nearly thousand square meters, there are 5 to 7 meters high, in order to show solemnity, decorate use are hard materials, and square, is full of parallel surface relative to ground are terrazzo or wooden floor, metope is all hard wood packaging, this kind of public address taboo with large diameter high power amp, otherwise the whole hall echo will make you can’t hear you speak.

The second,the correct way is to use the line array sound column with small total power and high sound pressure level, so that the sound can be transmitted far away, and then assisted by the ceiling speaker, under the media matrix to each, each sound box precise control, complete the sound field clear and uniform amplification.


The last,the general unit has not been trained professional tuner, audio processing should not be set too frequently.

Otherwise worked so hard to bring up the sound field effect, after a few months almost beyond recognition, it is best to use more intelligent even the audio media matrix processor processing various audio, and all kinds of applications, such as meetings, performances, Musical Instruments, presumably and environmental parameters full half full, discontent, and personnel and so on combined into a variety of applications, deposited by scenario calls are connected to the central control system (best) to solve the problem of tuning up, avoid the user too much adjustment.

Post time: Nov-27-2020
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