NT-2210 IP Network System Speaker selector& Line checker

Short Description:

  1. With 2 RJ45 100Mbps/10Mbps adaptive network interface
  2. Built-in main and standby power amplifier state detection switching function, speaker line impedance detection function, zone control function
  3. Built-in 4 main 1 standby power amplifier active and standby switching function
  4. It has a one-key initial reset function, with one-button silence function, and has one-button full- on/off function
  5. Built-in LED large display and working status indicator
  6. Built-in high sound pressure level fault prompt buzzer
  7. 1 way warning light to indicate DC EMC output interface

Product Detail

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Power supply, power consumption

180V-240V/AC   50Hz-60Hz ≤10W

display screen

LED Digital screen

Mode of operation

Infrared remote control

Power amplifier switching capacity

4 main 1 standby 1500W

Amplifier detection time

Real-time detection, detection interval is less than 20MS

Amplifier failover time

less than50MS

Speaker line detection capacity

650W each way

Horn fault prompt status

Open circuit, light load, heavy load, short circuit

Speaker line protection

Short circuit disconnect

Power partition channel

10 road


Imported original industrial grade embedded processor

Network communication protocol


Network Interface

10Mbps/100Mbps  Adaptive dual network interface

Manual trigger mode

Fully open, full off button

Working temperature, temperature

-10℃~80℃, ≤90%RH (no condensation)

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